Friday, September 3, 2010

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

New Moon   [NEW MOON] [Paperback]
Pages (Hardcover): 608 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown Books
Released: May 31, 2008

Quick Thoughts: After being one the last few people who didn't read Twilight, I decided to read this series and see what the hype was all about. I enjoyed Twilight, for the most part. So when my friend offered me her copy of New Moon to read, I decided to pick it up and continue the series.

Review: Everything should be perfect for Bella Swan, well almost everything. At the end of the last book, Bella and Edward were happy in love and Bella wanted to solidify their relationship. By having Edward turn her into a vampire so they could be young forever. Edward refuses, because he sees himself as a monster, but Bella wants nothing more than to be with Edward for all of eternity.

When her birthday passes and she finds herself getting older than Edward, her need to be turned into a vampire intensifies. Edward, however, decides to leave her after his brother, Jasper, almost attacks Bella over a paper cut.

Bella is heartbroken and is in a comatose like state for the many months the two are separated. So Bella decides to spend more time with Jacob, leading him on in the process, she decides to do dangerous things because when her life is in danger she sees Edward. She is hunted by another vampire. Werewolves come into the picture and Edward tries to kill himself in Italy.

Final Thoughts: What on earth happened here? I liked Twilight, I did, but New Moon is just bad. I mean, really bad. My friends tell me this is the worse book in the series, which is true, but still. After reading something like Twilight and then seeing this. It's disappointing.

I didn't like Bella in Twilight, she ditched her friends as soon as Edward came into the picture, but even then it was slightly forgivable due to her falling for Edward. She wasn't a really good friend to them, but it was still realistic. In New Moon, once Edward leaves Bella goes into a comatose state and becomes an even worse friend. There is a scene with Jessica that made me shake my head. Then Bella wonders why Jessica doesn't like her very much and I wanted to tell her that it was her fault.

I did like the werewolves though, they are interesting and Jacob seems like a good kid. It's clear that Bella is using him to fill the void that Edward left, but he just seems to be happy that she's there.

I'll still read Eclipse, but I'm hoping that it isn't as disappointing as New Moon.

Grade: 4 out of 10

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