Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zombie Britannica by Thomas Emson

Zombie Britannica
Pages (Paperback): 350 pages
Publisher: Snowbooks
Released: August 1, 2010

Quick Thoughts: I love zombies. I've enjoyed Thomas Emson's works so far. This is a book that is right up my alley. This book also has a great cover, just like his previous books. The only difference is the size of the book, this one is definitely smaller compared to his previous novels.

Review: It's hot, incredibly hot, too hot in London. But the weather is the concern at the moment, the residents of London have something even bigger to worry about at the moment. Zombies. Cassie has to rush back home to save her daughter from the undead. Vincent wants to impress Holly, only to realize that he needs to really be her knight in shinning armor or the two will never last. Craig wants to get away from his dysfunctional family, but it's either the car or on the streets with a horde of zombies.

And while I mention zombies, zombies, and even more Zombies! This book is more about the psychological aspect of the living. All of the characters will discover something in their journey to survival. And while not everyone will make it, they will learn things.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed the werewolves and did have fun reading about the vampires, so I was excited to see what Emson had cooked up for zombies. The book, in itself, is still enjoyable and has the same things that I liked from the previous novels. But while I was reading Zombie Britannica, I did feel like something was missing. I'm not sure what exactly, but something was missing.

There are a lot of characters that you have to keep track in this novel and I liked how the three stories (Carrie, Vincent, and Craig) were connected in some way with each other. It's truly a small world in this book and it was nice seeing this connection.

However, because there are a lot of characters sometimes I did forget who was who. Some of the mannerisms were the same between certain characters which made me confused. There are some spelling errors in this book as well, which was a down side.

This isn't really a con of the book, but I did think that there were moments in the novel where Carrie was too stupid to live. I'm not a mother, so I may not understand lengths that mothers would go through to protect their kids. However, there were times when she was too irrational and I wanted her to take a moment and think before acting.

There are good things about this book, I'm just bummed that this book didn't have the same charm as Maneater, Prey, and Skarlet. In any case, Thomas Emson does write well and his books are always fast paced and exciting to read. So I'm still looking forward to more books from him.

Grade: 7 out of 10

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