Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prey by Thomas Emson


Pages (Hardcover): 469 pages
Publisher: Snowbooks Ltd.
Released: November 1, 2009

Quick Thoughts: Maneater was fun. Skarlet was noteworthy, and Prey is...

Review: Laura Greenacre has been hiding since the events from Maneater, keeping her distance from her non-werewolf aunt and her love, John Thorn. The Templetons are still trying to kill her and the authorities haven't given up searching for her.

Despite all this, a loyal group of regular joes remain supportive of Laura through the internet. Sharing their stories of how Laura saved them on that fateful day and keeping tabs on any werewolf sightings and hoping that one day they can see Laura again. Laura has her own mini fan club.

One person who isn't in the club is Ruth Templeton, who wants to kill Laura for murdering her family. Now, a werewolf herself, she's embraced her animal side and will not let anything get in her way of seeking her revenge. She finds a man, by the name of Wheeler Burns, to help her. Burns, along with his rich friends, bored of hunting animals have decided to up their game and hunt humans. Ruth decides to give them Laura and have a fun afternoon hunting the werewolf.

Final Thoughts: Wow, I was actually surprised by how much I liked this book compared to the last two. The addition of Burns was a great one. He's someone who you want to hate and want to see killed. Hunting humans for sport is sickening, but it made sense in the novel and it was interesting reading about him and his horrible involvements.

I loved the contrast between Laura and Ruth. Maneater was very much a story about Laura's revenge on the Templetons and the way Laura went about that was completely different to how Ruth tried to get back to Laura. Ruth was spiteful, mean, hateful, and did anything she could to get what she wanted, when she wanted it. While Laura was just going to go full force and guns blazing, Ruth would use her resources.

It was nice and despite myself, I looked forward to the chapters involving Ruth. She was definitely not a woman you could trust and if you failed, she would eat you. She was definitely the truest definition of a cougar.

As much as I love the character of Laura, I found myself more interested in Ruth, Burns, and Major Lev Dasaev. Laura is still a memorable character and she's great in this book, but Lev took over my favourite character spot in this novel. He's a wonderful character and incredibly sympathetic at that too. I wish we saw more of him, but I did like how he ended up becoming the hero in the end.

Prey wasn't something anticipated, Emson mentions that he didn't plan to write a sequel after Maneater, however, I'm glad he did. Everything that I loved about Maneater was intensified in Prey. Great characters, great premise, and tons of actions. Can't wait to read more from Emson!

Grade: 10 out of 10

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